Festival Discovery competition has started in Eilat festival 2006 and became a traditional event and a major attraction for dancers who wish to promote themselves and show their style on the respectable stage of the festival.

It's a chance not only to win amazing prizes, but to perform professionally in front of famous masters and a huge supportive crowd. Dancers also get to have a beautiful video clip from their performances.

This year there will be two categories for the competition, Raqs Sharki and Show bellydance.

Read all the terms and guidelines to participation in the form .

The winner in Raqs Sharki category will be invited to teach and perform in Eilat festival 2015 and have a full hospitality for free, also a designer costume with full accessorize!

Eilat festival 2013 winner was Valeria Putitskaya from Russia and she is today a part of the teachers list!

For any advice or questions – feel free to write personally to Orit Maftsir at oritmaf@013.net

Good luck!